The Technologies sponsored No. 90 navigates Turn 1 of the L&W Supply Grand Prix Of Toronto. Photo credit: Gavin Baker Photography/Road to Indy

By Steve Wittich

Exclusive Autosport rookie Louis Foster is on a roll. His fifth win in seven starts extends his championship lead to 63 points.

The soon-to-be 19-year-old was joined on the podium by Enaam Ahmed (Juncos Hollinger Racing) and Josh Green (Turn 3 Motorsport).

The front row, featuring a pair of English-born drivers – Foster and Ahmed – led the field to the green flag.

As they came to the green flag, Jonathan Browne (Turn 3 Motorsport), who started 12th, made contact with another driver, shedding his front wing.

Race control let the drivers race – which they did cleanly – through Turn 7 before throwing the twin yellow flags.

The running order under yellow after the first lap was Foster, Ahmed, Reece Gold (Juncos Hollinger Racing), Nolan Siegel (DEForce Racing), Green, Braden Eves (Jay Howard Driver Development), Jordan Missig (Pabst Racing), Yuven Sundaramoorthy (Pabst Racing), Kiko Porto (Jay Howard Driver Development), Jack William Miller (Miller Vinatieri Motorsports), Salvador de Alba (Jay Howard Driver Development), Wyatt Brichacek (Exclusive Autosport), Lindsay Brewer (Exclusive Autosport), and Browne, who was on pit road to get a new front wing.

The yellow was only out for one lap as the AMR INDYCAR Safety Team collected Browne’s wing.

Foster got a nice jump, but behind two drivers made impressive moves. Green gained a spot, getting around Siegel for fourth, while rookie Missig moved past veteran Eves for sixth.

Early in the 25-lap race, Foster was in a league of his own, building a 3.5-second lead over Ahmed.

The best battle in the first ten laps was the tussle for the final podium spot between Gold and Green. Behind them,

On Lap 8, De Alba nosed into the tires in Turn 3. The Mexican driver tried to get going again but needed assistance from the AMR INDYCAR Safety Team, necessitating a full course caution. That dropped him a lap down.

The yellow flag erased the 4.9-second gap that Foster had worked so hard to build.

The green flag came back out to a chaotic Lap 12. Foster and Ahmed were tethered together in the first two spots while the action was hot and heavy behind them.

In Turn 3, three drivers made moves.

Green grabbed the final podium spot over Gold.
Sundaramoorthy went to seventh over Eves.
Miller went around Porto for ninth.

Foster’s lead over Ahmed with five laps remaining was 2.3 seconds. Green was consistently quicker than the Juncos Hollinger Racing driver, starting Lap 15 only a half-second behind.

Further back, Sundaramoorthy moved to sixth, passing his teammate Missig.

With seven laps remaining, Foster’s lead over Ahmed was a comfortable 3.1 seconds. Meanwhile, Ahmed was anything but comfortable, with Green continuing to hound the Clear Capital Market/The Support Of Pakistan No. 47 for second place. An impressive run for the Turn 3 Motorsport rookie after suffering extensive damage during qualifying only three hours previous.

Foster had a comfortable 5.2-second gap, but the following four drivers were close, crossing under the crossed checkered flags within two seconds of each other.

Behind winner Foster, Eves, fighting for 7th with Miller, ended in the tire barrier in Turn 3.

L&W Supply Grand Prix Of Toronto

1 90 Louis Foster Exclusive Autosport 25 LAPS
2 47 Enaam Ahmed Juncos Hollinger Racing -5.2348
3 3 Josh Green Turn 3 Motorsport -5.9526
4 55 Reece Gold Juncos Hollinger Racing -6.9163
5 8 Nolan Siegel DEForce Racing -7.2657
6 18 Yuven Sundaramoorthy Pabst Racing -8.8901
7 19 Jordan Missig Pabst Racing -13.759
8 40 Jack William Miller Miller Vinatieri Motorsports w/Exclusive Autosport -14.5445
9 1 Kiko Porto DEForce Racing -17.6879
10 2 Jonathan Browne Turn 3 Motorsport -20.1073
11 92 Wyatt Brichacek Exclusive Autosport -34.9281
12 4 Braden Eves Jay Howard Driver Development -42.6565
13 93 Lindsay Brewer Exclusive Autosport -49.8383
14 6 Salvador De Alba Jay Howard Driver Develpment -1 LAP