No. 98 Deltro Energy Mazda
Finished the day second overall with a best lap time of 1:32.9955
“It’s a good first session. I think judging on what we had a tire test, I knew that we were going to roll off good. We made some good gains and ended P2. We have a little more speed to find, but we made good gains on old tires and, I think, we know what to expect on new [tires]. I’m glad that we have another practice session, because it will be nice to try some new things with the car. But I think we have a really good car to roll off on, and that’s the main thing.”

No. 48 Journey Mazda
Finished the day eighth overall with a best lap time of 1:33.3368
“Practice went pretty well. If I wouldn’t have messed up the last Turn on the last lap, I think I would have gone fourth to third – the speed is there. I love this track so much and have had a lot of success here. We’ll go look over data, and hopefully look over our marks and qualify up front and then go and, hopefully, have a good race on Sunday.”

No. 28 K-Line Insulators USA Mazda
Finished the day 10th overall with a best lap time of 1:33.5364
“I think overall it was a productive session. We were working through a bunch of changes – we did four stops during the run. We’re trying to work on high-speed balance, that is going to be important to get the most out of our new tires. The car feels pretty good in the low speed corners. I think overall the pace is there, we just need to sit down and talk with the engineers and teammates to see what everyone is doing and go from there.”

No. 27 Synova Mazda
Finished the day 11th overall with a best lap time of 1:33.6826
“It’s my first time here at Watkins Glen, so I am just discovering the track and experiencing different lines. I wasn’t extremely comfortable with the car, so we made a few changes. At the end, I think, we were a lot better, but the tires just were not there anymore. We’ll look at some data tonight and then we have another practice session tomorrow. Having never been here before, it will be good to go back on track tomorrow with a fresh mind.”